Furnace duct soffit

With most of the taping and mudding complete I have started building some soffit around furnace ductwork. There are two areas this will have to be constructed. Pictured here is a duct in the workshop that feeds a first floor register. The other area will be the large return ducts in the media room.


basement-003.JPG basement-004.JPG
Duct to cover Framework to hold drywall

The framework is constructed from 2×4’s ripped lengthwise to form a piece 1 1/2 x 1 3/4 and 5.2mm underlayment crosspieces. Once the framework is secured to the floor joists to surround the duct, drywall will be attached to complete the soffit.


Thanks to a new air compressor (special $49, down from $99) from Home Depot and a Bostich air stapler (borrowed, thanks Dad!) the soffit building went really quick.

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