Old projects imported to GitHub

May 8th, 2014

I’ve had several requests for information on my old projects so today I’ve converted the archived subversion repos to git and uploaded them. No support is implied or given for these half-baked ideas. Fork away!


List of projects imported:

  • Gear_Indicator
  • MJoy16-C1
  • MJoy16-C1_Key_Matrix
  • rc-usb
  • smartalarm
  • thermaview
  • usbServo
  • USBSharp
  • usbSimCentral
  • usbSimInput
  • usbSimInstrument
  • usbSimRadio
  • usbSimStepper
  • usbtest
  • WarthogInterface

Zabbix: supporting multiple JMX interfaces per host

February 6th, 2013


You’re welcome. ;)

Net::SSH::Perl really slow?

November 7th, 2012

I eventually ran across this article which clued me in to installĀ Math::BigInt::GMP (yum installĀ perl-Math-BigInt-GMP on RHEL variants).

timestamp in windows

October 11th, 2012