(sort of) automated Cygwin install

October 18th, 2014
setup-x86.exe -Dq -s http://mirrors.koehn.com/cygwin/cygwin-ftp/ \
-P openssl,curl,wget,lynx,nc,inetutils,rsync,vim,bind,sed,awk,binutils,\
ncdu,sleep,less,gzip,zip,unzip,bc,procps,openssh,cygrunsrv,wget,vi -R c:/cygwin

DigiSpark Pro

October 1st, 2014


I backed this project on Kickstarter and just received my goodies in the mail today. When I get time to play the pinout can be found here.

EDTracker – future project?

September 24th, 2014

I think I need one of these: http://edtracker.org.uk/

New workbench

September 24th, 2014

We built a new house over the summer and are now moved in. A new workbench must be built, updates soon. Step 1 is to etch and seal the concrete floor in the basement shop area.