Tankbot I

This little guy was my first attempt at a robotics platform. It has had a variety of controllers and sensors on it throughout the years. The latest incarnation is a mega16 with some older motor driver and encoder modules.

Tamiya Tank PlatformThis platform started out as a kit like this one.


Tankbots 001.jpg

Fancy design work

Tankbots 002.jpg

Encoder wheels from small
cassette player

Tankbots 005.jpg

ATMega16 board on right
Motor driver board upper left
encoder board lower left

Tankbots 006.jpg
Top view of motors

Tankbots 003.jpg

9.6V battery underneath
for electronics

Tankbots 007.jpg

Motor driver chip – L298N

The bot now has a cliff sensor and will run around a tabletop without driving off the edge (hopefully anyway). I used a GP2D12 IR sensor which seems to work reasonably well. Now I need to add other sensors to keep from bumping into things and an RF link for commands/feedback.