Temperature Station

Status: Planning

I am designing (in my head) a temperature station that will consist of a base unit and one or more remote units. The remote units will send data to the base unit using the TWS-434 wireless transmitter module from rentron or similar. The corresponding receiver module, RWS-434 or similar, will be used in the base unit.

This project is still mostly an idea in my head.


Data Byte
0  0  0 0 0 0 0 0
      |_________|____ bits	0-5	:	number 0-63
   |_________________ bit	6	:	type  1=temp 0=batt
|____________________ bit	7	:	sign  1=neg  0=pos

a valid data byte is preceded by two header bytes (0xaa) and followed
by the bitwise inverse of the data byte for error checking

type check mask = 0x40
sign check mask = 0x80
value mask = 0x3f


Remote Schematic