New Drill Press

I finally have a drill press. This little 8″ Central Machinery bench top model isn’t big, but it should be enough for my projects.

A sacrificial scrap of 2×4 was the first victim.


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  1. Larry says:

    I have a problem with my Chraftsman drill press. I needed a motor replacement (1/2)HP. It was ordered and received. It was a 1/3 HP motor, had an electeical ground faullt and its shaft did not fit the drill pess pully assy. OK, Sent it back. Then things got complicated. The next replacement part seemed to be OK. There was only one thing that was awry. That was the fact that the spec plate said that the motor was rated at 1/5 H/P, There seems to be no configuration control for the Craftscan prodluct line.
    It seems that we who once depended on Craftsmen as a qualilty product can no more.

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