How not to hang drywall

A nice gentleman from the Wentzville Fire Department signed off on my plan and framing, yay! Here is a look at some of the framing before I got started hanging drywall.




Workshop area Looking into media room Egress window in media room
p1010032.JPG p1010033.JPG p1010034.JPG
Bathroom and wet bar Looking into office/play area TV wall in media room

Getting the drywall down to the basement proved to be quite the adventure. My basement is not a walk-out and the stairs bend 180°. With much bending (of me) and exertion I was able to just barely get a 48″x90″ piece down the stairs. This is quite exhausting as you can imagine.

p1010036.JPG p1010035.JPG
From the top… …and bottom

The Good Lord has blessed me with many talents but hanging drywall is not one of them. I am hoping for the best when it is all said and done. One joint in particular turned out really badly. Surely it will improve as I go along? =)

A few sheets hung and one really horrid joint

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