Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation

I asked for and received the book Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation by Mike Powell for Christmas. I’ve nearly worn it out already. It is a good read with some very sound ideas on construction of simulated instruments. Mike has done a great job of breaking down the process so anyone with patience and a few good tools can make instruments.

I think I will start with a stepper-powered airspeed indicator. The air-core movements look interesting but I have a box full of stepper motors and am familiar with driving them.

I high recommend this book to anyone wanting to build their own instruments.

It’s not covered in this book but I also have a prototype of a nav/com unit started. This unit will connect via USB and provide a general aviation style nav/com unit modeled after the Bendix 155a.

UPDATE: This book is out of print. I am not able to scan this book. I do not want to sell this book. Please see the author’s site for more information. Thank you

7 Responses to “Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation”

  1. Patrick Callahan says:


    Are you still working on simulated aircraft instrumentation?
    I’m about to start and Mike Powell’s book is no longer available.

  2. I’m no longer working on the instruments. I may resume at some point but other interests have taken over.

  3. DIEGOURDA says:

    Hi Williams.

    The Mike’s Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation book is no longer available. As you aren’t longer working on the instruments, would you want sell me your book ?


  4. Sorry, since it’s no longer in print I’d like to hang onto it.

  5. Charles says:

    I’d like to scan the book and make it available to everyone. Are you open to that?

  6. No, I wouldn’t be open to that without the author’s permission.

  7. George Aristotelis says:

    Dear Mr Riley

    I would be very grateful if I had a scan too.
    Respecting Author’s permission, lease contact the Author and ask his permission.
    I will send you the full amount to send it to the Author.
    I hope your respect is also towards a kind request.

    Thanking you in advance,
    and with great respect,

    George Aristotelis